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Bright Owl Themed Classroom Decor – Mega Bundle

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The “Owl Themed” Classroom Decor Mega Bundle Set includes;

Pages: 327
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″ + various
Format: PDF
File Type: Compressed Zip File

Product Description

As you might be in the midst of preparing your classroom for another school year, it is our hopes that you will look at your blank classroom walls and envision the colourful possibilities of this “Owl Themed” bright classroom MEGA décor bundle.

Decorating your classroom can be loads of fun! This classroom “Owl Theme” is eye-catching, welcoming and sets a positive start to the school year and everyday that follows.

So go ahead and create an environment for your students that is visually rich…these decorations will inspire learning for many years to come!

This mega bundle includes:

Welcome Banner: This W-E-L-C-O-M-E banner in 9 ‘bright’ colors with 2 Owls at both ends are 8.5″x11″

Months of the Year Cards: Each card includes a ‘bright’ polka dot border with co-ordinated Owl. There are 2 months cards per page. Each month card measures 4.25″x11″. Use these cards with your classroom calendar center.

Calendar Number Cards: Set includes 31 plus 5 blank cards. Individual cards have a ‘bright’ polka dot border with small co-ordinated Owl. Individual cards measure approximately 2.5″x2.5″.

Year Cards: Includes the years 2016-2024. Individual cards measure 3.6″x8.5″ with a colorful polka dot border with co-ordinate Owl.

“Today is…””Tomorrow will be…””Yesterday was….” Cards: Cards are decorated with ‘bright’ polka dot border and measure 2.5″x11″. This set can be used in coordination with “Days of the Week” cards during calendar routine.

Days of the Week Cards (Monday thru to Sunday): Individual cards are decorated with ‘bright’ polka dot border and measure 2.5″x11″. These cards can be used in coordination with “today is…” “tomorrow will be…” and “yesterday was…” cards during calendar routine.

Number Line Cards (1-120): Includes (4″x5.5″) 1-120 ‘bright’ polka dot background with bold numerals. Cut and laminate for durability. Display these numbers in sequence around the perimeter of the classroom walls. Use a clothes peg as a ‘marker’ to count days in school.

Weather Board Cards: Includes (2) templates (measuring 4″x11″): “The Season Is…” & “The Weather Is…” plus (4) Season cards: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall with related seasonal icon. Also, includes (7) Weather cards: sunny, windy, stormy, partly cloudy, cloudy, snowy and rainy with weather icon. (6) Temperature cards (color coded): really hot, hot, warm, cool, cold, really cold & (1) Blank card

Days in School Chart: One page measuring 8.5″x11″. Includes ‘hundreds’, ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ place value. Please laminate and use DRY Erase marker to change the numbers…moveable numbers are not included.

Classroom Job Board Cards with 8 Editable (Job Description) Cards: Includes (1) header card; “Whoo’s Doing What?” (8.5″x11″); Jobs cards are ‘Owls’ with job descriptions written inside tummy area. Job titles are as follows – line leader, caboose, teacher’s helper, messenger, librarian, calendar manager, supply monitor, lunch helper, door holder, homework manager, technology helper, chair helper, attendance taker, substitute helper, classroom greeter, desk fairy, cubby checker, agenda manager, electrician, hallway helper, pencil monitor, recycle monitor, paper passer, floor sweeper, money collector, telephone operator, science assistance, art supply manager, board eraser, first aid helper. Please Note: This Job Board includes 1-35 Student Numbers with 13 Additional Blank Student Number Labels. These numbers represent student numbers and are to be attached to a clothes peg and clipped onto the “Owl” to identify which job the students are responsible to complete. Please see photo (in thumbnail) for further visual description.

Clock Number Cards: Each circular polka dot “bright” card includes the minute digits from :00 to :55 – These cards are to be coordinated with the classroom clock. Position the cards around the circumference of the clock matching the analogue minute with the digital minute
Word Wall Banner: Includes W-O-R-D W-A-L-L banner (8.5″x11″) in 8 ‘bright’ colors with polk a dot border. Hang this banner above your word wall board. To be used with Word Wall letter Cards and High Frequency Word Wall Word Cards.

Word Wall Letter Cards: Includes each letter of the alphabet inside the tummy of a “bright” colored Owl. Used these cards to

220 High Frequency Word Wall Word Cards: Color coded (Pre-primer – yellow, Primer – blue, 1st grade – green, 2nd grade – orange, 3rd grade – red).

Bulletin Board Owls and Trees (Large, Med. & Sm.): ‘Bright’ Owls / trees in 3 different sizes. Laminate and used as decoration on bulletin boards or wall hangings. Also, can be hung from classroom ceiling as mobiles.

Cubby/Coat Hook Name Cards (34 EDITABLE): Includes 34 ‘bright’ EDITABLE owl shaped cubby name cards. Cards measure approximately 5″x4″. Insert student’s name and place cards above student’s cubby area.

Desk Name Plates – (45 EDITABLE): Each name plate measures approximately 8.5″x3.5″. Includes 45 EDITABLE name plates in a variety of ‘bright’ colors. Each card is decorated with Owls and has a polka dot background.

Colour Posters (Full Page) – Includes the colors: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, black, pink, purple, brown, gray, white. Each poster has a coordinated colored Owl, color word with matching polka dot border. Each poster is 8.5″x11″.

Table Number Cards (Full Page): Includes oval-shaped with scalloped edges Table Number Cards from 1-10. Cards include an Owl and table number. You could hang these cards from the ceiling above student tables and mounted on a decorative ‘pom-pom’ hanging.

Shape Posters (Full Page) – Posters includes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, octagon. Posters measure 8.5″x11″.

Whole Class Progressive Behaviour Board: Use this board as a visual aid to encourage positive classroom behaviour. Students will be able to clearly see where they stand with their behaviour. Use clothes pegs with students names or numbers and move pegs accordingly. Categories include: “Owl-standing”, “Wise Owl”, “Ready for Knowledge”, “Stop and Think”, “Teacher’s Choice”, “Parent Contact”.

Ten Frame Number Poster 1-10: These posters are to be used as classroom wall anchors. Posters measure 8.5″x11″ and include: Owl, numeral, number word and ten-frame with associated dots.

Alphabet Anchor Posters A-Z: Measure 8.5″x11″. Alphabet Anchor Posters include A-Z manuscript. Each poster displays the upper and lowercase of each alphabet and includes (2) Owls sitting on branch.

Classroom Library Book Bin Labels: This set includes the following labels: Poetry, How-to, Mystery, Animals, Chapter Books Last Name A-L, Chapter Books Last Name M-Z, Quick Reads, Picture Books, Informational Non-Fiction, Classroom Favourites, Comics, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Legends, Nursery Rhymes, Fantasy, Classics, Math Fiction, Science Fiction, Adventure, Action, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Biographies, Weather, Sports, Mixed-Up Fairy Tales, Cultural Books, Music books, ABC Books, Art Books, plus 4 additional blank cards. Each card measure approximately 4″x5.5″ and includes a soft yellow polka dot border with Owls.

Classroom Center Labels: This set includes (18) 8.5″x3.5″ soft yellow polka dot border with Owls center labels. Center labels include the following: Math Center, Science Center, Dramatic Play Center, Writing Center, Music Center, Social Studies Center, Snack Center, Reading Center, Creative Center, Computer Center, Listening Center, Art & Craft Center, Literacy Center, Word Study Center, Word Wall Center, plus 3 blank center labels.

Daily Schedule Labels: Includes header card: “what are we doing today?” with title ‘Daily Schedule’. Each activity card measures approximately 8.5″x3.5″ and includes (50) activity name with associated visual image with soft yellow polka dot border. Activities included are as follows: Computer, Dance, Tidy Up, Hometime, Library, Literacy, Guided Reading, Shared Reading, Guided Writing, Shared Writing, Independent Writing, Spelling, Independent Reading, Reading Buddies, Recess (4 cards), Lunch, Seat Work, Project Work, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Drama, Music, Group Work, Art, Field Trips, Outside, Agenda Time, Special Presentation, Arrival, Calendar, Writer’s Workshop, Daily 5’s, Morning Challenge, Math Workshop, Reader’s Workshop, Literacy Centers, Math Centers, Assembly, plus 8 Blank activity cards. Also, included are (9) Writable digital and analogue clock cards to be used with each activity throughout the day.

Due to the nature of digital files, all sales are final.

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