Build-A-Christmas Tree Number Sense


This “Build-A-Christmas Tree Number Sense” set includes;

Pages: 17 including the cover page
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Format: PDF

Product Description

Transform math learning into a festive and enjoyable experience for your students this holiday season with the exciting “Build-A-Christmas Tree Number Sense Math Craftivity!” This engaging Christmas math craftivity combines essential number sense skills with creative expression, allowing your students to take home a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree for the holidays!

Your students will strengthen their understanding of numbers by representing them through pictures, words, and place value up to 1000. They will also learn concepts of more than and less than, expanded form, money representation & rounding to the nearest 10’s, 100’s & 1000’s, and have the freedom to express numbers in their own unique ‘my way’ while decorating their Christmas tree. Suitable for grades K-6, this math activity adds a visually appealing and hands-on element to learning for the holidays.

Additionally, the completed Christmas trees make delightful decorations for bulletin boards or school hallways, spreading holiday cheer throughout your school. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to help your students build a solid foundation in number sense skills while celebrating the holiday season with the
“Build-A-Christmas Tree Number Sense Math Craftivity!”

Here’s What’s Included…

  • 2 – Options for the Craft – Option # 1: (1 Page) Cut, Color & Glue Ornaments onto Christmas tree and Complete the Number Sense Prompts and Option # 2: Build-A-Christmas Tree (Students Cut Out Parts of the Tree and Assemble Back Together, Complete the Number Sense Prompts & Decoarate With Ornaments.
  • Number Sense Skills Covered: Picture Form, Word Form, Place Value Up to 1000, More Than/Less Than, Expanded/Standard Form, Money Form, Rounding to Nearest 10’s, 100’s & 1000’s & “My Way”

Benefit of the Product…

  • Use as Practice…Or Assessment of Number Sense Skills
  • Math Center Activity, Small Group Work Or Whole Class Project
  • Mix & Match Number Sense Skills as Needed for Ability Levels
  • Beautiful Holiday Decor for Your Math Bulletin Board or Hallways
  • Perfect Hands-On Activity to Leave for SUB Days!
  • Targets Essential Number Sense Skills

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