Father’s Day Craft Bundle


This “Father’s Day Craft Bundle” set includes;

Pages: 46 including the cover page
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Format: PDF

Product Description

Craft the perfect way for your students to show their dads, grandpas, and uncles how much they are loved this Father’s Day! With the Father’s Day Craft Bundle, you can offer 5 no-prep craft options that will give your students a fun and creative outlet for expressing their love. From ties to toolboxes, there’s something special for everyone – warmth of love wrapped up in a handmade card. Best of all, each craft includes student instructions and has optional dad, grandpa or uncle choices built in. Whether you’re looking for an appreciation activity or just want to give your students another opportunity to explore their creativity on Father’s Day – these craft cards will hit the sweet spot for sure!

Here’s What’s Included…

  • Craft # 1 – 2 Paged Tie Card (3 Cover Page Options: “Dad\Grandpa\Uncle, You Are Tie-rrific”, “Happy Father’s Day”, “World’s Best Dad\Grandpa\Uncle”) Inside Includes Writing Prompts “He LOVES to…”, “He Always Says…”, “He Is Best At…”, “My Dad & I Like To…”, “He Loves Me Because…”, “I Love Him Because…”.
  • Craft # 2 – Father’s Day All About You Tie Booklet (7 Paged Tie Booklet – Dad, Grandpa or Uncle Options) Each Page With Writing Prompts & Spaces to Draw Pictures. Writing Prompts Include: “My Dad Is Really Good At…”, “My Dad Likes to Eat…”, “My Dad’s Favorite Sport Is…”, “My Dad and Me Enjoy…”, “I LOVE My Dad Because…”Here’s A Drawing Of My Dad and Me…”
  • Craft # 3 – Father’s Day Flip Tie Card (5 Paged Card – Dad, Grandpa or Uncle Options) Headings Include: “All About My Dad”, His Favorites”, “Things I Love About My Dad”, “Portrait of My Dad”.
  • Craft # 4 – Father’s Day Toolbox Card (Interactive Card With 2 Writing Prompt Options – Dad, Grandpa or Uncle Options) 5 Tools to Cut Out With Writing Prompts that Include: “My dad is as FLEXIBLE as a…”, “My dad is as POWERFUL as a…”, “My dad is as TALL as a…”, “My dad is as STRONG as a…”, “My dad is as SHARP as a…” OR… “My Dad Makes Me Laugh When”, “My Dad’s Favorite Food Is…”, “My Dad Is Really Good at…”, “My Favorite Memory With My Dad Is…”, “My Dad’s Favorite Thing To Do With Me Is…”
  • Craft # 5 – Father’s Day Poster Style Card (3 Cover Page Options) Student Create a Traditional Card & Complete a Mini Poster (Picture& Words) to Include Inside the Card.

Benefits of the Product…

  • Fun & Hands On Craft to Celebrate Dad, Grandpa…Or Uncle on Father’s Day
  • Beautiful Keepsake for Dad to Cherish
  • Can be Used in Centers, Small Groupings or Whole Class Crafting Activity
  • Integrates Writing With Crafts
  • Perfect Option to Leave for Substitutes or Whenever You Need A Fun & No Prep Activity!
  • Good for Eye Hand Coordination & Cutting Skills

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