Initial Consonant Blends Practice Booklet (bl, cl, fl, gl)


This “Initial Consonant Blends Practice Booklet” includes;

Pages: 9
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
File Type: Compressed Zip File

Product Description

To become independent readers, students need to learn to blend individual sounds smoothly together into words. Early experience with blending sounds seamlessly is critical for developing fluency later on in students reading development.

This Initial Consonant Blend Practice Booklet is the first booklet in the “Phonics Booster” series that has been created as a practice review (follow-up) to the initial consonant blends: bl, cl, fl, and gl.

This resource is a great way for students to practice and solidify their initial consonant blending skills during independent seat work or homework practice.

Please look for our additional “Initial Consonant Blend Practice Booklet” in the “Phonics Booster” series including the following blends: pl, sl, br, cr, dr, gr, fr, pr, tr, wr, sk, sh, ch, sc, sw, st, sp, th, sm, sn, wh, sch, spl, squ, spr, str, thr, shr, scr.

These booklets will be added shortly!

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