Persuasive Pumpkin Writing Craftivity & Bulletin Board Set


This “Persuasive Pumpkin Writing Craftivity & Bulletin Board Set” set includes;

Pages: 77 including the cover page
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Format: PDF

Product Description

Are you ready to ignite your students’ imaginations and unleash their persuasive powers? Introducing the Persuasive Pumpkin Writing Craftivity & Bulletin Board Set – an enchanting blend of creativity, persuasion, and autumn charm that will captivate your students and inspire a delightful display of their written masterpieces!

Imagine wandering through a picturesque pumpkin patch, surrounded by vibrant orange gourds. You stumble upon a particularly plump pumpkin, and your heart skips a beat. This pumpkin, eager to avoid the carving knife, whispers its secret desire into your ear – it longs to be spared from the grueling process and to continue thriving in all its uncarved glory. Inspired by this magical encounter, your students will step into the shoes (or, in this case, vines) of a persuasive pumpkin and embark on a writing adventure like no other.

This captivating writing craftivity begins with a planning template that will guide your students in organizing their thoughts and arguments. From there, they will dive into the writing process using a variety of primary and single writing papers, carefully selected to suit their individual needs. The final cherry on top is a delightful jack-o-lantern craftivity, complete with templates for that perfect finishing touch.

But wait, there’s more! Not only will your students create bewitching pieces of persuasive writing, but they’ll also have a stunning display to showcase their work. With the Persuasive Pumpking Writing Craftivity & Bulletin Board Set, your bulletin board will spring to life with a vibrant burst of creativity. Imagine the sense of pride your students will feel as they gaze upon their persuasive pumpkins adorning the board, each one a testament to their writing prowess. It’s a showcase opportunity that will have the whole school buzzing with admiration!

Perfectly timed for the Halloween and Fall season, this craftivity and bulletin board set is designed for teachers who seek to ignite the creative spark in their classrooms. Whether it’s for literacy, or even as a cross-curricular activity, the Persuasive Pumpking Writing Craftivity & Bulletin Board Set is a fantastic way to engage your students in persuasive writing in a fun and imaginative manner.

So why wait? Embrace the magic of the season and challenge your students to become the most persuasively enchanting pumpkins in the patch. Get your hands on the Persuasive Pumpking Writing Craftivity & Bulletin Board Set today and watch the power of persuasion come alive in your classroom like never before!

Here’s Whats Included…

  • Short Story / Read Aloud to Focus Students Attention and Begin to Think About Being a Pumpkin not Wanting to be Carved;
  • Persuasive Planning Sheet to Organize Ideas;
  • 5 – 8″x8″ Pumpkin Faces to Choose From;
  • 2 – Rough Copy Sheets WIth Editing Checklists (Primary or Single Lined)
  • 4 – Good Copy Sheets to Choose From (Primary or Single Lined, Large (8.5″x11″ or Small Size 7″x8″);
  • 8 Pumpkin Facial Expressions to Cut & Paste Onto Pumpkins;
  • Pumpkin Accessories if Desired to Add to Pumpkin Face;
  • 12 Coordinated Bulletin Board Elements (Cobwebs, Spider, Haunted House, Pumpkins, Fall Leaves, Large Tree, Bats, etc…) to Add That Special ‘Halloween” Touch to Your Display;
  • Bulletin Board Lettering (7″x8″) “The Best PUMPKINS in the PATCH!”
  • 2 – 3″ Bulletin Borders

Benefits of the Product…

  • Perfect “Hands-On” Activity During Halloween to Get Your Students into the Persuasive Writing Mode;
  • Can Be Used as a Culminating Task at the End of Persuasive Writing Unit;
  • Can Be Easily Used During Sub Days;
  • Whenever you need that FUN themed Activity Incorporating Writing & Art
  • Themed Writing Center

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