45+ Classroom Rules Poster & Bulletin Board Set

This “45+ Classroom Rules Poster & Bulletin Board Set” set includes;

Pages: 87 including the cover page
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Format: PDF

Product Description

Welcome back your students with a vibrant, organized classroom! This 45+ Classroom Rules Poster & Bulletin Board Set includes everything you need to ensure that the flow of each lesson, everyday – throughout the school year has meaningful structure and clear expectations!

From the first day of school, your students will understand what is expected of them with simple, clearly-stated rules and matching images. Each poster comes with an “I Can” statements; simply remind them at the start of each lesson so they can stay on track. Plus, these posters look fantastic displayed up in your room or down the hall – parents and administrators alike will be sure to recognize your effective classroom climate as soon as they walk in.

The included Bulletin Board Set offers a complete package for displaying these 45+ beautiful Classroom Rules Posters: easily attach posters to the bulletin boarder and lettering on bright cardboards. Your Open House or Meet the Teacher display will always be impressive thanks to these attractive visuals!

Make sure your success this school year starts with great classroom management strategy and includes these 45+ Classroom Rules Posters!

What’s Included…

  • 45+ “I Can…” Classroom Posters with Related (Student – Friendly) Pictures;
  • 6″ x 10″ – Bulletin Board Lettering “In This Classroom…” (Color & B&W);
  • 5″ x 6″ – Bulletin Board Images: Large & Small Pencils (Red & Blue), Globe, Chalkboard, Book (Green & Blue);
  • 3″ – Bulletin Boarder with Back-to-School Theme (B&W)

Posters Rules Include…”I Can…”

  • Do My BEST!
  • Show Respect
  • Sit at my Desk
  • Get my Learning Materials
  • Be on Time
  • Play Safely with Others
  • Work Quietly
  • Follow Directions
  • Play Quietly
  • Work & Play in a Safe Manner
  • Take Turns Sharing
  • Share my Ideas When It’s my Turn
  • Raise my Hand When Sharing
  • Make Safe Choices
  • Try my BEST!
  • Keep my Hand s and Feet to Myself
  • Play Safely at Recess
  • Work by Myself
  • Respect Myself and Others
  • Help Others When Needed
  • Work Cooperatively During Group Work
  • Follow Classroom Expectations
  • Listen During Carpet Time
  • Show Kindness Towards Others
  • Make Good Choices
  • Listen During Story Time
  • Be Open to New Ideas
  • Make Smart Choices
  • Use Learning Materials Appropriately
  • Help Clean Up
  • Use Indoor Voice
  • Walk in the Classroom
  • Smile & Use Kind Words
  • Line Up Quietly
  • Ask Appropriate Questions
  • Work Together!
  • Offer a Helping Hand
  • Use Walking Feet
  • Respect Nature
  • Respect Others Space
  • Listen to the Speaker
  • Sit on the Carpet
  • Read Quietly to Myself
  • Be Kind
  • Show Respect for School & Personal Property
  • Play Nicely with Others
  • Listen to the Teacher When Speaking
  • Sit at my Desk When I’m Eating

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