Apple Subitizing 1-20


This “Apple Subitizing 1-20” set includes;

Pages: 107 including the cover page
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Product Description

Have you ever wondered how to use subitizing in your classroom? Well, look no further! Subitizing is the ability to quickly recognize and name the number in a group without counting. Research has shown students who can quickly recognize numbers, taking a mental “snapshot” of them, without counting, are more able to determine the number of items in a collection, represent that number, and, later, add the numbers.

This fun, hands-on, Apple Subitizing 1-20 package includes 5 themed activities perfect for practicing and reinforcing your student’s number sense skills, while teaching them to quickly identify numbers in a variety of different ways! Great for Pre-K to Grade 2!

This package is the perfect add-on to any apple theme or Back-to-School Math Centers.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 1-20 Apple Center (Hands-On) Printable Apple Baskets With Number and Number Word & Apples With Subitizing Concepts: Tally Marks, Ten Frame, Base Ten Blocks, Finger Counting, Dominos & Dice
  • 2 Cut & Paste Worksheets: (Worksheet # 1) 1-20 Cut & Paste Subitizing Apple Worksheets (Tally Marks, Ten Frame, Base Ten Blocks, Finger Counting, Dominos & Dice). Students decide what belongs into the baskets and discard the remaining. Works Well for Summative Assessment. (Worksheet # 2) 1-20 Cut & Paste Number Sense Worksheets (Students Complete Prompt: “I can use a ten frame…”, “I can write the number in words…”, “I can draw a picture…”, “I can use tally marks…”, “I can write the number…”. Students show their knowledge of numbers. Great for formative assessment.
  • 2 Cut & Paste Mini Readers (1-5) & (1-10) – Students Complete readers by cutting and pasting correct subitizing representation for each number included in the text. Students can practice reading skills while learning their number sense! Great take home project as well!
  • 1-20 Classroom Poster / Teaching Anchor Posters with 4 Representations (Tally Marks, Finger Counting, Ten Frame and Dominios). Gives Students a Visual & Reference of What Each Number Looks Like Using the Concept of Subitizing!

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