“What Do I Need To Do?” Visual Reminders


This ““What Do I Need To Do?” Visual Reminders” set includes;

Pages: 136 including the cover page
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Format: PDF

Product Description

Are you looking for a way to keep instructions in your classroom clear and concise? Look no further than “What Do I Need to Do?” Visual Reminders for clear and concise instructions. This product contains over 130 visual prompts that help students stay focused and on task! With both black and white versions, you can mix and match the templates to meet any decor and can be coordinated with any style.

These visuals are not only helpful for classroom instruction but also excellent tools for special needs or ESL students. You can easily chart out the flow of instruction to ensure each student understands what they need to do, where they need to work, and who they are able to work with while they complete their tasks. Also, these visuals will reduce stress levels in the classroom significantly as it allows students with particular needs to feel comfortable in a structured environment.

“What Do I Need To Do?” Visual Reminders is an essential tool for all teachers getting back-to-school, or who want to establish structure around instructions – especially if learners have any kind of learning disability or struggle with behavior management. We guarantee this instrumental resource will provide measurable outcomes that your students, parents, and faculty will appreciate! Get organized this school year, grab your set of Visual Reminders today!

What’s Included?

  • Mix & Match Layouts in black & white (neutrals & can be used with any decor)
  • 5 – 5″x8″ Guiding Questions: “What Can I Use?”, “Who Can I Work With?”, “Where Do I Put It?”, “Where Can I Work?”, “What Do I Do?” (B&W Layout);
  • 2 Layouts of Numbered Sequence Cards B&W (3″x3″) with Numerals and Words & Numerals Combined;
  • “What Can I Use?” Cards Include: crayon, pencil, marker, book, paint brush, eraser, scissors, ruler, paper, pen, notebook, math book, science book, paper clip, laptop, spelling book, calculator, workbooks, backpack, library books, glue, glue stick, tablet, pastels, colored pencils, inquiry book, clip boards, whiteboards, craft supplies, agenda, journal, pencil case, base ten, sticky notes, folder, home folder, blank paper, binder, paint, water bottle, ear buds, head phones, protractor, printing book, whiteboard marker, language book, social studies book.
  • “Who Can I Work With?” Cards Include: by yourself, with a partner, table partners, with the teacher, in groups, with another class.
  • “Where Do I Put It?” Cards Include: marking basket, in basket, out basket, in tub, out tub, on teacher’s desk, catch up tub, teacher’s basket, inside desk, folder, homework folder, workbook, agenda, inquiry book, communication folder, math book, printing book, language book, science book.
  • “Where Can I Work?” Cards Include: desk, hallway, table group, carpet, partner group, social studies center, listening center, reading center, math center, drama center, computer, quiet space, round table, tablet, outside, library, cubby, floor, bean bags.
  • “What Do I Do?” Cards Include: write, draw, cut, read, paint, highlight, sort, match, count, trace, clip, staple, tape, write name & date, put away materials, check your work, turn in your work, put in your desk, put in your mailbox, put in your folder, clean your desk, clean your area, show a teacher, underline, graph, tally, cross out, order, clean up, file, circle, stamp.

Benefit of This Product…

  • Creates order & structure to the flow of the day;
  • Provides direct expectations for students to follow;
  • Students can clearly see what is needed to complete their tasks;
  • Pictures are included with words for Special Needs students & ESL students;
  • Great for setting up classroom & using at the beginning of the year!
  • Color pallet is neutral (B&W) and can be used with any pre-existing decor!

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