Animal Adaptation Cut & Paste BINGO Game


This “Animal Adaptation Cut & Paste BINGO Game” set includes;

Pages: 19 including the cover page
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Format: PDF

Product Description

Finally, a fun and easy way to engage your students during this unit on animal adaptations! The Animal Adaptation Cut & Paste BINGO Game is the perfect end-of-unit activity that’s sure to be a hit with even your most reluctant learners! This comprehensive game includes: one student playing card, 30 different animals, 30 animal adaptation clue cards and an informational animal adaptation mini reader.

Students will start by coloring, cutting and pasting their colorful animals in any layout they choose on their own BINGO card, giving them the opportunity for creative exploration. As you guide the class through the game, you can use the mini animal adaptation reader to explain more about each type of animal adaptation. Watch as your kids gain more understanding of how animals use adaptations to survive! At the end of the exercise there is also a summative activity allowing them to store all of their new knowledge in a creative and memorable way.

Be ready to amaze parents and administrators with just how interactive your classroom has become! Save time on lesson planning with our Animal Adaptation Cut & Paste BINGO Game and keep your students engaged while they learn.

What’s Included…?

  • 1 – Student BINGO Card (1 Per Student);
  • 30 – Animals (Duck, Penguin, Owl, Frog, Bear, Peacock, Alligator, Koala, Caribou, Elephant, Snake, Kangaroo, Monkey, Snail, Ant, Lion, Turtle, Squid, Dolphin, Octopus, Sting Ray, Goat, Racoon, Fox, Rhino, Hippo, Mouse, Zebra, Sheep & Chipmunk);
  • 30 Animal Adaptation Clue Cards (Clue, Answer & Picture of Animal);
  • 30 Footprint Chips to Mark BINGO Cards;
  • Animal Adaptation Mini Reader (Includes 6 Different Animals & Their Unique Adaptation) & Summative Activity at End of Reader.

Benefit of the Product…

  • Use Game as a Fun Way to Reinforces Learned Knowledge of Animal Adaptation…Or Can Be Used as a Diving Board into Animal Adaptation…Gives you a Chance to See What Students Already Know!
  • Works Well in Small Groups, Science Centers or Play Game as Whole Class
  • Gives Students the Freedom to Choose How they Want to Set Up their BINGO Card!
  • Mini Reader Can be Read to the Class or In Small Reading Groups…Includes Summative Writing Task (Last Page of Reader)
  • Perfect Game to Play During Substitute Days!!!

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