Chalkboard & Pencil Bulletin Board Sets


This “Chalkboard & Pencil Bulletin Board Sets” set includes;

Pages: 222 including the cover page
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Format: PDF

Product Description

Are you looking to transform your classroom into a vibrant and organized learning environment? Look no further than our Chalkboard & Pencil Bulletin Board Sets! This set of 8 Bulletin Boards provides all the materials you need to create high-interest & visually appealing centers that will encourage students to stay focused and on-task. The colors have been curated so they work together nicely, but aren’t too distracting from the academic material being presented. Each board also features fun relatable images relevant to each center, as well as chalkboard and pencil themed lettering.

Organizing your classroom can be a daunting task without breaking your budget; but never fear – this affordable set has everything you need with over 200+ pages! Make learning in your classroom more enjoyable for both you and your students, because no one should miss out on a wonderful learning experience just because the space isn’t right!

These Chalkboard & Pencil Bulletin Board Sets can be used whether you’re starting a new year off or reviving an existing space. These Bulletin Board Sets are a sure way to help make this an unforgettable school year!

Need Bulletin Board Sets that Will Match Your Style and Highlight Your Classroom Centers? If you’re wanting to show off your unique style, then look no further! With these Chalkboard & Pencil Bulletin Board Sets, you can create a personalized display that perfectly coordinates with the colors of your classroom. The possibilities are endless – Let your creativity soar as the perfect accent for any learning environment awaits.

What’s Included?…

  • 8 – Bulletin Board (Center) Sets – Art, Literacy, Writing, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies & Literacy;
  • Pencil Lettering for Each Center (Large 4″x10″ & Small 3″x7″)
  • Accent Images for Each Center 5″x5″ (Images are Backed with Chalkboard – paintbrushes, paint pallet, paint splashes)
  • Accent images Without Chalkboard (Small & Large)
  • 3″ Bulletin Boarder in Matching Colors (Can be Used With Any Bulletin Board)
  • 20 Center Labels in Small Pencils
  • 1-5 (Numeral & Number Words) Center Labels
  • 10 Unlabelled Center Labels in Small pencils (Write on Labels with White Chalkboard Marker as Needed)
  • 6 Large Pencil Characters for Bulletin Board Accents
  • 6 Small Pencil Characters for Bulletin Board Accents
  • 50+ Poster

Art Posters:

  • “Elements of Art” – Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Form, Value (7″x 5″)
  • “Colors” (8.5″ x 11″)

Math Posters:

  • “MATH” M=Mistakes A=Allow T=Thinking To H=Happen (8.5″X11″)

Reading Posters:

  • “Sound it Out”
  • “Chunk it”
  • “Use Context Clues”
  • “Use Picture Clues”
  • “Use Background Knowledge”
  • “Read-On”
  • “Re-Read” (8″x8″ Circular)

Literacy Posters:

  • “Daily 5″ – Word Work, Read-to-Self, Listen-to-Reading, Read-to-Partner, Work-on-Writing, Teacher’s Table (7″x5”)
  • “Parts of Literacy” / or “Elements of Literacy” – Vocabulary, Writing, Fluency, Comprehension, Phonics, Letter Sounds, Speaking, Listening (7″x5″)

Writing Posters:

  • 3-Part Pencil Poster – “What….Do Writer’s Write?” (30″ Long)
  • “Types of Writing” – Narrative, Argumentative, Informative (7″x5″)
  • “YOU Can Write…” (8.5″x11″)
  • “5 Star Writing” – Capital Letters, Spaces, Punctuation, Neatly Printed, Make Sense

Science Posters:

  • Ask Questions
  • Do Experiments
  • Share Results
  • Gather Information
  • Make a Hypothesis
  • Record Results (8″x8″ Circular)
  • “Science Has All The Solutions” (8.5×11″)

Social Studies Posters:

  • “Future World Changers” (8.5″x11″)
  • “OH…The Places You’ll Go” (7″x5″)

Listening Posters:

  • “I Can… Press Play Button, Listen to the Story, Follow Along in the Book, Write a Response

Benefits of the Product…

  • Great value for over 200+ Pages of Bulletin Board Center Decor!
  • Covers 8 Centers in Your Classroom
  • Engaging Chalkboard & Pencil Theme
  • Coordinated Colors and Decor Throughout all 8 Centers
  • Can be Used at the Beginning of the Year or to Update Older Decor

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