Winter Writing ‘Craftivity’ & Bulletin Board Set


This “Winter Writing ‘Craftivity’ & Bulletin Board Set” set includes;

Pages: 98 including the cover page
Resolution: 300 DPI
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Format: PDF

Product Description

If you’re looking for a fun way to add some excitement and creativity to your Winter Bulletin Board, look no further than this Winter Writing ‘Craftivity’ & Bulletin Board Set! This complete set includes everything you need to create three different Winter Writing inspired ‘Craftivities’ – including: Snow Globes, Mittens and Tree Ornaments. Each ‘craftivity’ provides an opportunity for hands-on engagement as well as inspiring students to get creative in writing a fictional/descriptive winter story.

This Winter Writing ‘Craftivity’ & Bulletin Board Set is perfect to use as a ‘springboard’ into Descriptive Writing or as a final project with Narrative Writing! Students will creative with decorating their own winter wonderland scene. Then, students will write a short story to go along with their scenes. Students will select & cut out winter inspired characters & scenery (provided) and write a story about their adventures!

Once Winter Writing ‘Craftivity’ is completed, you can display students ‘craftivity’ & stories on the included Bulletin Board Set (includes lettering, borders and winter images). This is a great way to add some holiday/winter flair to your classroom while also giving students a chance to show off their creativity!

Here’s What You Get…

  • 3 – 8″x11″ Snow Globe, Mitten or Tree Ornament (in 3 different layout: plain, snow falling from sky & snow falling from sky with snow on the ground);
  • 4 – Pages of Winter Images to cut out + Speaking Bubbles (if students want to create mini dialogue inside ‘Craftivity’;
  • 3 – Different Formats for Pre-Writing / Story Planning Sheet (Beginning, Middle & End, S-W-B-S-T or Beginning, Event 1,2,3 & Ending);
  • Each Pre-Writing Sheets comes with writing lines or open space for students to plan their stories;
  • 7 – Different formats of Good Copy Writing Sheets to include with Completed ‘Craftivity’ for Bulletin Board Display (Primary Lined & Junior Lined);
  • Large & Small B&W/Colored Lettering for Bullletin Board: MERRY & BRIGHT
  • 2 – 3″ Matching B&W Border for Bulletin Board;
  • 8 – Large & Small B&W or Colored Matching Winter Images for Bulletin Board;
  • 8 – Small Matching B&W or Colored Winter Images for Bulletin Board.

Why This Product Is Beneficial?

  • This Winter Writing ‘Craftivity’ & Bulletin Board Set is the perfect activity for teachers looking for a quick and easy way to get their students into the writing process while spread some holiday cheer in their classrooms!;
  • The ‘Craftivity’ can be used as a starting point when introducing Descriptive/Narrative Writing or as a Summative Project at the end of writing unit;
  • Hands-On and will keep students busy during the month of December!
  • Print & Go for Substitutes when you are away;
  • A great project for an additional writing assessment mark!;
  • The Bulletin Board Set is easy to print and hang, making this product a quick and simple way to add some holiday spirit to your space!

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